My Experience with Coach Hughes

Coach Robert Hughes has made a significant impact on many lives.

Due to his efforts and under his leadership, many people have excelled in their personal endeavors and ambitions. For that alone, Coach Robert Hughes is both legendary and heroic in his own right.

Do you know Coach Hughes?

Did you have any direct experiences with him?

Has he helped shaped your life in some way? 

If so, please feel free to share your experience. The purpose of this blog is for the community–his community, to share and offer words of respect for Coach Robert Hughes.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday, May 2nd for the “World Premiere “ of 5700 Ramey Ave!!

This is guaranteed to be the event of the year…

3 thoughts on “My Experience with Coach Hughes

  1. I never met Coach Hughes, but I met an amazing man whose life was shaped by this legendary figure. In the brief moments Mike Byars and I spoke, I could tell a great deal about Coach Hughes. Any man that inspires so much love, respect, gratitude and devotion surely must be a giant among men…and that’s without even mentioning his amazing sporting success. Cannot wait to see this film!

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  2. Dunbar class of ’96 here. The positive energy that Coach Hughes brought to the school was unquestionable. Simply put, he was Dunbar. The de facto life force of the school. The fact that he was able to accomplish this unassumingly is a lesson for all.

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